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Document no.2596/BNN-TL, 27/8/2008
In order to achieve the objectives set for NTP II"s 2008 annual workplan, MARD request ministries, sectors, mass organizations and provincial peoples committees under central management to implement the following tasks:

1.ministries, sectors, mass organizations and provincial peoples committees  must focus on direction of NTP II implementation, consider it is a task of your own organization. Finalise the provincial NTP II management board, strengthen the coordination among 3 sector ARD, health and education. 

2. Strongly deploy solutions for solving problems to speed up the project, workplan  implementation, disbursement of fud resources, especilly internation support fund.

3. Priorities given to building water ans sanitation schemes for clinics and schools built the year before but no water and sanitation schemes.

4. Introdule low cost but effective water supply and sanitation technologies which are suit with local conditions.

5. Hurry to check & identify the poor operated shemes and find out its causes and responsibilties by whom (related orgs, individuals)  for timely restoration planning and putting it into sustainable operation.

6. Conduct the evaluation of reliable data on hygienic water supply, clean water supply, household using hygienic latrines according to the issued standards.

7. Active in preparation of investment projects in 2009 for timely implementation of 2009 workplan. Special priorities for reparation and upgradation of weak schemes. 

8. Strengthen the monitoring and eveluation activities to ensure that construction works, support under NTP II are conducted well technically, for the right purpuse and right target people and avoiding loss and waste.

(Pls see detail in Doc.Công văn số 2596/BNN-TL, 27/8/2008)
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