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Program for Results


The RWSS PforR under the NTP Implementation Support Mission was held from 9 to 20/12/2013. The mission provided technical/ implementation support to the concerned agenceis MARD, MoH, SAV and the perticipating provinces on the following main issues:

1. Achievement of the Program results

2. Implementation of the Program Action Plan

3. Procurement of the AUSAID TA packages

4. Arangements for Annual Verification

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The PforR technical support mission from June 10 to June 28, 2013 included:

1. RforR program launch

2. Meeting with annual verification and otehr SAV related matters

3. Meeting on IT platform

4. Workshops on reporting formats, timelines and provincial annual plans

5. Progress on achieving Year 1 DLIs

6. Meetings with provinces to discuss due diligence report

7. Meeting with AUSAID

8. Kickoff workshops with provinces

9. Meeting on the impact evaluation

10. Wrap-up meeting

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The PforR technical support Mission from 22-29/3/2013 will support the concerned agencies on the following issues:

1. Sharing the result of baseline verification

2. Reveiwing the annual provincial plans

3. Finalizing TA ToR for ICT and water supply schemes with NCERWASS
4. Finalizing TA ToR and protocol with SAV for annual verification

5. Finalizing TA ToR with MoH for sanitation

6. Reviewing AusAID TA program implementation manual with NCERWASS

7. Finalizing TA ToR with SO for improved governance and environmental/ social management


Aide memoire of the recent Implementation Support Mission for the PforR


From 26 November to 5 December 2012, the first implementation support mission of Results-based Rural Water and Sanitation Under the National Target.

On 5 December 2012, the wrap up meeting of the Mission was held at MARD in Hanoi mainly focussing on:

1. Progress since September 2012 Mission

2. Main Mission Outcomes

3. Reveiw of Program Action Plan (Summary)

4. Disbursement linked indicators

5. Agreed actions.

Since the September 2012 Mission, the Prime Minsiter's approval on AusAID Technical Assistance PDO is expected by 15/12/2012; the technical assistance grant agreement sent to State Bank of Vietnam for counter signature is expected by 31/12/2012; technical assistance grant agreement PDO is approved by the Government, agreed with 4 implementing agencies (NCERWASS, NTP Sanding office, MoH and SAV); Operation Mannual and PAP authorized/approved by Prime Minister is expected by 15/12/2012 Provincial plan summaries sent to the Bank.


The consultation was held in MARD, 19 April 2012.

The Program-for-Results or “P4R” will support Vietnam with implementing their own development program aim at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the program in achieving results.

This results-based financing would be a first for both national and local governments in the rural water and sanitation sector in Vietnam. Implementation will require strengthening of multiple government systems. The proposed instrument calls for supporting a wide range of results building on the strong government-led national water and sanitation program; developing government institutional capacity, especially at the provincial level; strengthening governmental M&E systems for measuring results, including poverty and health impacts; and scaling up successful experience under the P4R into the National Target Program across the country. To provide a basis for the discussion, the Program-for-Results concept note, which outlines the objectives of the proposed approach, is available online at: Program-for-Results Financing and Environmental and Social System Assessment

The consultative meeting will bring together a range of stakeholders, including government officials, development partners, representatives from multilateral development banks and the broader international development community, scholars, experts from think-tanks and other non-governmental organizations, and individuals from the private sector to gather input and suggestions on the proposed new results based lending program.

The consultation will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss first-hand how best manage the environmental and social impacts. The comments and recommendations collected will be used to inform to further prepare of the P4R for rural water and sanitation.


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