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National Target Program III

Choba workshop_Hoa_Binh_2014The Workshop on role of Women Union in RWSS NTP and CHOBA experience was organized on 25 and 26 August 2015 by Women's Union supported by DFAT. 


Ms. Pham Tuyet Mai, deputy head of social family chaired the workshop. Participated in the workshop were representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture Rural Development (Office for the Coordination Partnership Water Supply and Rural Sanitation), Ministry of Education (Department working students), Ministry of Health (Department of Health Environment Management), head of the family and society and vice president sof the Women's Union from 25 Northern provinces.

At the workshop, presentations were made on the role of the VWU in implementing programs and projects to clean water and sanitation, namely project organized CHOBA by East Meets West Foundation support, presentation of WU Hai Duong, Hoa Binh and Ninh Binh to share experiences, lessons learned and recommendations in the course of project implementation. 

- Experience Provincial Project Coordination
- Collaborate with functional departments: Health Dept., VBSP;
- Experience in the mobilization of local government
- Experience movement building and household hygienic latrines

Focused group discussions 3 issues: (i) the status and role of the Women's Union in the implementation of NTP NSVSMT; (Ii) Working in collaboration with relevant agencies and resource mobilization; (iii) results of implementing the model: Model for water treatment, water supply and sanitation and communications use and preservation of water; Models of support to encourage people to build and use latrines hygiene; Models of loanable funds clean water and environmental sanitation and the influence and impact of activities, models for participants.


 CHOBA IMG_7631-resize

The coming Rural Sanitation Working Group Meeting was held on 29/7/2015 which was chaired by Ms Nguyen Thi Lien Huong, VIHEMA Director.

Tentative Agenda 


The participants appreciated the presentation of updated activities of VIHEMA rural sanitation and market research on sanitation model for the Mekong Delta.

- The study was presented by SNV innovation can be good communication for behavior change. However, it should review the factors that helped change behavior related to information communication. Clarification object propagandists, the capacity of the school and a favorable environment for the sanitation market.

- To link ODF put into practice at the local level, the proposed support VIHEMA need anything from a higher level, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of ...

- WU forward to hear research presentations WASH affect the health of children under age 5 as a basis for propaganda WU mothers.

- After 2015, VIHEMA do to allocate the budget guarantee for the push towards sanitation and poor support.

- Need to extend discuss the relationship between sanitation and malnutrition because the day is not the leaders attention regularly.

- The World Summit on sanitation and water for all, to implement international commitments. That is the way to promote achievement of the sanitation target.

- National Technical Regulation of latrines have been built but needs regular communication.
- UNICEF and the World Bank continue to support the sanitation sector by integrating rake rural projects new CT / poverty.
- VIHEMA will continue working with donors to support the development in detail, working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the National Assembly for inclusion in the 5 year socio-economic criteria







Hoi nghi_huong_dan_LKH_HP_ve_sinhOn 14 July 2015, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development supported by DFAT organized the Workshop on promotion of scaling up NGO initiatives in rural water supply and sanitation Workshop on promotion of scaling up NGO initiatives in rural water supply and sanitation.


At the workshop, the participants shared experiences and openly discussed on the initiative implementation results; advantages and challenges during the implementation; experience to deal with problems  and some recommendations to some ministries and Provincial people’s committees to finalize policies to promote the scaling up NGO initiatives in the field of rural water and sanitation.


MARD and DFAT deaders chaired the workshop and requested to implement the following taks in the conclusions:


1) Under the set agenda, the workshop shared many best practice/ experience, good solutions to be refered and scale up in the coming years. The initiatives can be categorized in 3 main groups as follows:
+ Group on application of helpful technologies and solutions (subsurface dam, household water treatment, water water treatment, durable water tanks, renovated IEC, solar energy pump...)
+ Group on renovated approach and management: OBA, Community based management, sanmark, reformed behavior change communication ...
+ Group on policies: The policy on mobilization of private sector in scheme investment and management (PPP); supporting investment through OBA and pro-poor targeting policies ....

2) Key tasks to be implemented
The biggest barrier for scaling up is awreness and inappropriate motivation policies. To promote the scaling up, Vice Minister requested to implement the following tasks:
a) Strengthening and renovating IEC, awereness raising on application of RWSS inititatives


b) Finalizing policies to motivate the application of initiatives in RWSS
c) Reviewing and consolidating initiatives and preparing guideline mannual.
d ) Development of tasks for 2016.
e) Finalizing legal framework to enable to apply initiatives
f) Promotion of Circular 54 implementation and finalizing the institutional system on rural water supply management at provincial level according to Circular 14/2015/TTLT and Circular 15/2015/TT-BNNPTN, Integrating application of initiatives on renovating management in proposed projects.
g) Continuing to call for support from donors, international orgs, and INGO supporting Vietnam in research and development of new initiatives and support in scaling up initiatives in the coming years.





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