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NATIONAL WATSAN WEEK launched by Prime Minister since 1998 is organized annualy. It is strongly supported by the people and has brought about positive results, contributing to improving living standards of the people including those in rural areas.To advocate the NATIONAL WATSAN WEEK, on 23/3/2010, MARD issued the document no. 787/BNN-TCTL to request Provincial Peoples Committees, ministries and mass organizations conduct advocacy activities for NATIONAL WATSAN WEEK 2010. The advocacy period is from 29/4 to 06/5/2010 and continue until the World Environment Day  05/6/2010.        

The advocacy messeges for NATIONAL WATSAN WEEK 2010 are:

 Water is blood for life.

 Water and sanitation is a standard for new rural.

Water and sanitation is cultural and civilized social criteria.

 All of the people have rights and responsibilities to preserve, protect water and sanitation schemes.

 All  of the people determine to implement successfully the NTP on RWSS.

 Ensuring water and sanitation is the responsibility of the society.

 Waste, rublish collection for clean, green and beautiful villages.

 Protection of water and sanitation schemes is protection of our own assets.

Clean water means being healthy.

 Rublish discharging in the right places, small action but great meaning.




















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