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On 15/12/2016 in Ninh Thuan province, the National workshop on child centered natural diaster mitigation was organizaed by MARD in collboratin with UNICEF.

Speaking at the workshop MARD Vice Minister Hoàng Văn Thắng said that “the situation on natural disaster in Vietnam is more and more complicated with different new disasters, in large range of areas causing huge damage on human and property. Since early 2016, it caused 171 people dead, 30 people loss and economic loss of more than 37 thousand billion đồng. From 28/11 to 12/12 nin central areas, natural disaster caused 27 people die including 10 children ”.

In Việt Nam, children is one of the most vunerable target of natural disaster and climate change. The El Nino has made more than 500.000 children in Việt Nam in need of humanitarian support. They have had malnutrition, living in unhygienic conditions and lack of care. The drought and salinization have been challenging families and chilren in many areas in the country. Therefore we should identify impacts of natural disasters to children, socio-economic situation of the country. Also we should establish mechanisms to take care of children before and after natural disasters, strengthening IEC, national and international lessons learnt with the participation of ministries at all levels to mitigate the risks of natural disasters for children.

By: Trần Thị Phương from NCERWASS




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