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WWD 22-3

Along witht many countries in the world, on 22/3/2017 in Bắc Ninh city, Ministry of Natural resources and environment organised the ceremony of the WOLRD WATER DAY 2017.

With the topic "WASTE WATER" in this year WWD, the UN towards the strengthning of waste water treatment and reuse.

According to ADB, Việt Nam is one of the countries lacking of water. Domestic water resource in Vietnam lower than the average level of the world of about 3.600 m3/ head/yr, lower than the average level of the world of
4.000 m3/head/yr.

MONRE report said that the economic growuth and population pressure and increasingly life quality during last decades lead to the polution, regradation and running out of water. So far most of the rivers in Việt Nam have signals of pollution at diferent level. Many areas are seriously lacking of drinking water.


According to statistics of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, every year there are about 9,000 people died and more than 200,000 cases were detected cancer, one of the causes is the use of polluted water. To address this issue, the Party and GoV have a number of undertakings and measures to enhance the capacity to manage, exploit and use water resources sustainably. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment also deploys many groups of solutions such as propaganda and raising awareness of the community in sustainable use of water resources.



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