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(QT) - Due to the custom of not building latrines but open defecation, the ethnic people  Vân kiều – Pa kô in the mountainous district of Hướng Hóa, Quang Tri province have been suffering from  diseases of diahrea, malaria and scabies for past years... With Plan support to implement CLTS projects in 4 communes of Húc, Thanh, A Xing, Xy to change behaviors which hep local popele to be aware of latrine and changing hygien behavior's importance .

Monitoring the latrine quality in Xy La village, xã Xy, huyện Hướng Hóa.

We joined the team of commune staff from Quảng Ninh district, Quảng Bình province and Hướng Hóa CPM who monitored and learned from the CLTS model in Xy La village, Xy commune, Hướng Hóa district. Mr. Cù Giặc Hiền, acting head of Xy health station said that some years ago the local people had habit of open defecation, raising animal husbandry near their houses and water resources. Human and animal excrement can be swept away by rain to water sources and the people use such water so they can easily infected with diseases, even some died due to malaria.

The CLTS focussed on organiztion of trainng courses on hygiene, sanitation and appropriate latrine model construction guidance for local people. At the begining, the local people were not happy to change their habits. However when they were explained about the causes of diseases they often faced dur to lacking of hygiene practising by health workers and outdor training with practical and visual examples helped the local people understand and determin to change. Mr. Hồ Văn Miên in Xy La village said: "Since the latrine and livestock pens are built, our family have less diseases and bad smell is reduced significantly. In the near future, if I have money, I will upgrade the latrine".

Although supporting technically and distributing free soap fo hand washing, the local people pay the cost of latrine construction and all of the people in 2 villages satisfied with the program. Many households from other villages come to visit and apply for their houses. Mr. Hồ A Rơi, head of XyCreo village, Xy commune: "Being aware of the changes in Xy La village, people in XyCreo want to learn the latrine construction model. In the coming time when the program will arrive at the village, the people will strongly support it".

Hiện tại, những thôn triển khai chương trình CLTS thuộc 4 xã Húc, Thanh, A Xing, Xy thì 100% hộ dân đã xây dựng nhà vệ sinh theo đúng mô hình của chương trình.

Anh Võ Minh Phương, cán bộ TTYT huyện Hướng Hóa, thành viên BQL chương trình CLTS nói: "Sắp tới chương trình sẽ tiếp tục triển khai ở toàn bộ các thôn bản 4 xã Húc, Thanh, A Xing, Xy. Chương trình sẽ tiếp tục vận động các hộ làm nhà vệ sinh, cải tiến các loại hình nhà vệ sinh phù hợp hơn."

Bài, ảnh: LÂM HƯNG THƠ, http://www.baoquangtri.vn/default.aspx?TabID=88&;modid=391&ItemID=52518

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