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 EASAN Joint Declaration

EASAN 3 Event

EASAN 3 Conference was successfully organized and hosted by Indonesian Government in Bali from September 10 to 12, 2012.

EASAN 3 general objective was to strengthen the commitments of countries in the East Asia region to implement effective and innovative strategies, policies, programs and partnerships to accelerate access to sustainable sanitation and improve hygiene.

EASAN 3 took place for 3 days: the first two days devoted for presentations at plenary and parallel sessions and signing ceremony of a joint declaration; the last day for field visits. Topics for Plenary session focused on (1) Evaluation of the achievement of sanitation after The Manila Declaration; (2) Findings of East Asia regional status report on sanitation and hygiene; and (3) Sanitation for All: Toward 2015 and Beyond. Main topics of country contribution in parallel session focused on (1) Awareness: Community and Political Awareness, Hygiene Communication and School Sanitation; (2) Sanitation Development: Resource mobilization and institutional arrangement /policy, Knowledge product and technology and Urban Sanitation; and (3) Emergency: Natural Disaster: Preparedness, Response and Post Response, Non Natural Disaster: Preparedness, Response and Post Response and WASH Adaptation to Climate Change.

15 countries in the region participated in the Conference including Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, Viet Nam and PNG and Republic Korea participated as observers only.

Viet Nam delegation was headed by Dr. Nguyen HuyNga, General Director of Viet Nam Health Environment Management Agency (VIHEMA, MOH) .The delegation consists of Dr. Nguyen HuyNga, Mr. Nguyen Tuong Van, Deputy Director of Infrastructure Department, MOC, Ms. Ha Thanh Hang, Deputy Director of Water Department and Head of Standing Office of National Target Program of RWSS, MARD, Mr. Dau Xuan Canh, Deputy Director of Social Affairs Department of Government Office.

Viet Nam contributed one presentation of country profile at the plenary session on the first day and three presentations at parallel sessions on the second day: one is about urban sanitation planning, one hand washing initiative and scaling up; and one sanitation plan within RWSS NTP3. All were well received by other participants. Viet Nam delegates participated in the visit to a Rural Waste Water Treatment Project and to a CLTS community.

In the region, Viet Nam is one of few countries, who has achieved MDG sanitation targets and an exceptional country acknowledged with much progress in increasing sanitation coverage among all quintiles including the poorest one, according to JMP. However, a big gap remains between urban and rural and the richest and the poorest quintile. Viet Nam still has 6% of population, who practices open defecation. However, Viet Nam does not indicate officially time bound for achieving open defecation free status in its WASH strategy, NTP and presentations at the Conference while some other countries do so, such as Cambodia announcing its target to achieve it by 2026 and Indonesia by 2023 at EASAN.

At the end of the second day of EASAN,Delegation Heads of all 13 participating countries jointly signed a declaration, showing country determination to partner in solving problem of open defecation and achieve sanitation for all.

On the way back to Viet Nam, the delegation understood that still a lot needs to be done in Viet Nam for equitable access to improved sanitation for all.

Venue for EAPSAN 4 was not decided at the end of the EASAN 3 with a reason that countries are not ready for organizing it in two years. By: UNICEF Vietnam



·    15 countries to be invited, each country is expected to come with a delegation of 6-9 persons representing the Government, NGOs, media and academics.
·    Agenda for EASAN III is going to be finalized on  20 June 2012, in Jakarta.
·    Draft agenda to date is as follows:

-    9 September: Registration and check-in
-    10 September:   - Opening Ceremony:
1.    Overview of the Conference
2.    Simultaneous Workshops: Improved sanitation & hygiene awareness, development sanitation services, emergency sanitation

-    11 September:   - Sanitation & Hygiene beyond 2015
1.    Round table and simultaneous workshops
2.    Round table of heads of delegations
3.    Press conference & closing

-    12 September:   - Field Visit to Denpasar Sewarage Development Projects
1.    Field Visit to Sanimas (Community Sanitation) Program
2.    Field Visit to STBM Program

-    13-14 September: Technical Working Group Discussions

 ·    MoH will welcome the participation of Prof Robert Chambers and Dr Kamal Kar and will request them to make a presentation for 10 September.  Topics will be decided soon ( to be in line with the upcoming TOR).  Official invitation from the Government of Indonesia will follow (Hilda to help confirm with Prof Chambers and Dr Kamal Kar)
·    Regional CLTS Meeting/Side-event of EASAN (to be convened by IDS UK and co-convened by  Plan Indonesia) is recommended to be held prior to EASAN .  It is suggested to invite the following :
-    Representatives of relevant sectors from Indonesia ie MOH, Ministry of Public Works, National Development Planning Board, Ministry of Environment etc)
-    Representatives of Heads of Districts implementing STBM (Soe, Kefa, Lembata, etc)
-    NGO/UN (Plan, UNICEF, TSSM, WHO, ADB, etc)
-    Representatives from Plan countries in Asia
·    Final agenda for the CLTS Regional Meeting should be made available as son as posible  
·    The CLTS Regional Meeting will not involve MOH as organizer but will be convened and co-convened by  IDS UK and Plan Indonesia respectively (including development of agenda, air-fare, invitation, accomodation etc).
Once the agenda for the CLTS Regional Meeting is finalized, Plan Indonesia to meet with the National WASH Working Group (AMPL) to garner their support in facilitating the Meeting including the arrangements of visas etc.

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