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From 31/7/2012 to 10/8/2012, the joint annual review (JAR) of the RWSS National Target Program 2011-2015 was conducted with the objectives of assessing progress of implementation of the NTP3 with particular emphasis on the adequacy of plans for implementation. The JAR mission made 8 recommendations.

Firstly, by October 15, 2012, the SO should submit an overview of provincial budget requests for 2013 which confirms that NTP3 funding priorities will be given due attention. The MOF and donors should review whether funds are allocated according to the new earmarked funding arrangement for NTP3. For long term planning the program should strengthen its application of the NTP3 budget allocation criteria, including the poverty focus, using the results of the M&E system.

Secondly, the 2013-2015 comprehensive work plan needs to clearly set out actions that will ensure the national policy focus of the NTP3 is translated into actions at provincial and district level.

Thirdly, the provincial plans for managing water quality at scheme level should be developed and staff should be trained in water quality monitoring. All piped water supply schemes should be supplied with water quality testing equipment for selected key parameters. Water quality testing equipment should be included in the scope of all new schemes. Scheme staff should be trained and retrained in water quality management.

Forthly, functionality of schemes should be assessed using four categories (i) sustainable,(ii) adequate, (iii) poor and (iv) not functioning. It will provide for the effective evaluation of common problems and better targeting of technical assistance. Sustainable TA support to small scale water supplies, managed by communities and cooperatives, should be arranged.

Fifthly, to strengthen the effectiveness of sanitation promotion at local level, the MOH should: i) in the short term, make available simple guidelines, tools, and training which will enable the provincial health sector to plan, implement, and monitor improved sanitation promotion activities already by 2013, and ii) in the medium term, prepare and carry out a strategic plan for how to build the requisite sanitation promotion capacity at local level. The MOH should collaborate with other implementers of pilots to review and synthesize evidence and lessons and, based on the findings, prepare guidelines for how each can be implemented within the NTP3.

Sixthly, it is recommended that Danish funds are not used to support the VBSP scheme as only 1½ year remains of Danida assistance to the NTP3. AusAID will make a decision on funding of VBSP based on performance reports of the DfID funded program and prior to the 2013 JAR..

Seventhly, the SO with donor assistance should develop a TA implementation plan that sets out a strategic capacity building framework, its management and implementation arrangements, outputs and a TA performance evaluation system.

And finally the SO should produce a detailed action plan to follow up on and implement the JAR 2012 recommendations.



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