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On 22/12/2017 in Hanoi, the WATER SUPPLY OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE WORKING GROUP met to update on the rationale to develop O&M Decree and O&M guideline manual presented at last meeting, share 5 O&M guidelines under RB-WSS in 8 RRD with WB loan:

  1. 1.O&M technical guideline
  2. 2.O&M water loss prevention guideline
  3. 3.O&M water supply scheme management guideline
  4. 4.Financial management guideline

  5. Marketing and IEC guideline 

and To consult the participants on draft O&M check list for water schemes by WB support mission SUPS 21 provinces (27/11-8/12/2017).

Particpanted in the meeting were 30 representatives from MARD (DWR-Dept. on rural water resource and clean water management, New rural development NTP Office, RWSS Partnership Coordination Unit, NCERWASS); PCERWASS from Sơn La, Tuyên Quang, Phú Thọ, Thái Nguyên, Bắc Giang; Social and family affairs dept. Women's Union; WB; Unicef; EMW; Plan International.

At the meeting, the partipants commented on the draft O&M Decree, O&M guideline manuals, budget allocation for water tarrif compenssation; ownership of water schemes; operation and maintenance of rural water piped schemes; integrating gender issue in the guidelines.

The participants agreed that the development of O&M decree is very necessary because there should be regulations to engage responsibility of State management agencies in rural water pipled schemes. Bedises, the O&M working group's plan is  to help rural water piped schemes 
to work more effectively and sustainably .



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