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On 2 October 2015, Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with Australian Embassy in Hanoi and East Meets West Foundation organized a workshop to dialogue on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene programs in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia. Participated in the workshop were nearly 100 representatives from MARD, MoH, MPI, Vietnam Youth association/ Youth Union, donors, international organizations and NGO including DFAT, UNICEF, World Bank, Water and Sanitation program, EMW, PLan... and different mass media agencies.

The workshop focused on 03 main issues:

1.    The fostering of the engagement of the private sector in rural water supply

2.    The opportunities and challenges to sustain and replicate rural Sanitation innovations in Vietnam

3.    Civic engagement and leadership in WASH to advocate for performance


The event has been reported by several popular Vietnamese newspapers as can be found in the below links:

-          Nhân Dân online: http://www.nhandan.com.vn/xahoi/tin-tuc/item/27591602-thu-hut-tu-nhan-tham-gia-linh-vuc-cap-nuoc-va-ve-sinh-moi-truong-nong-thon.html

-          Dân Việt: http://danviet.vn/tin-tuc/thuong-tien-ho-co-nha-tieu-hop-ve-sinh-630948.html

-          Báo Kinh tế và dự báo: http://kinhtevadubao.vn/chi-tiet/2-4193-cuoi-nam-2015-se-co-85-so-dan-nong-thon-duoc-su-dung-nuoc-hop-ve-sinh.html

Also, we are pleased to share with you the video about EMW’s CHOBA program at the link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HycPb_GJ1cs&feature=youtu.be

And Plan’s video “What can you do with 1,270,000 VND?” at the link: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/uy6xg4ey77ffokw/What_can_you_do_with_1%2C270%2C000_VND_VN_EN.mp4




WASH Performance and Sustainability:
Lessons learnt from approaches in Vietnam and the Region


For 20 years, EMW has implemented approaches ranging from community rural water supply to private sector engagement, local authority management and PCERWASS management. EMW also pioneered the Output-Based Approach (OBA) with financial support from the World Bank, Australian government, USAID and the Gates Foundation in rural water supply and sanitation. In recent years, EMW has partnered with a French NGO in Cambodia and Lao PDR to work with government on public private partnerships for water supply. All EMW’s services are targeted to reach the poorest 40% of the population.

Key Results in Vietnam
Ø400,000 beneficiaries are currently supplied with clean piped water by 240 water systems.
oPrivately managed systems perform better than their cooperative and CPC counterparts on all accounts (water supply, system management, water quality and pricing), and;
ØMARD/pCERWASS and MOH/VIHEMA/PMC have demonstrated that experience from earlier OBA programs can be applied by the public sector through the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Output-Based Aid (WASHOBA) program financed by Australian Aid;
ØOur partners, notably the VWU and local governments have proven they can implement OBA sanitation at scale through the Community Hygiene Output-Based Aid program (CHOBA). In three years, poor households in 10 target provinces built some 105,000 hygienic latrines and non-poor households installed another 25,000. In total, this sanitation program accounted for about 10% of NTP III program target.

The Challenge Facing Vietnam’s WASH Sector
Our challenge now is to maintain the social impact that goes BEYOND our projects.

Regional Learning Workshop in Hanoi - 2 October 2015
This regional workshop on 2 October 2015 will bring together around 70 leading WASH sector implementers and policy makers. It will probe further into ideas explored in the Bac Giang workshop from July 2015, and explore successful (and unsuccessful) solutions implemented in Vietnam and the region. This workshop agenda is driven by the interests and concerns of key government agencies and DFAT post, and will focus on finding concrete solutions to three key issues:

1. Private sector engagement in rural water supply services
2. How to sustain and replicate rural sanitation innovations after the NTP3 programs ends
3. Community engagement and leadership in WASH to increase performance with people's participation
The private sector engagement workshop panelists include senior team members from Gret (a French NGO) working in both Cambodia and Lao PDR. In 2001, GRET introduced decentralized public private partnerships for water supply, and since then, nearly 30 small local enterprises have invested in water utilities across both countries. The Institute of Water Economic Management (IWEM) and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have partnered with EMW to research PPP in Vietnam and will present their preliminary findings. Vibrant discussion around regulatory frameworks, licensing mechanisms and incentives for private sector participation between regional experts and senior Vietnamese government officials is anticipated.

Meaningful community engagement in WASH services is an area with room for improvement in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR. Under EMW projects, both pCERWASSES and private enterprises have successfully engaged community members to provide labor for pipeline installation which reduces costs, and increases connection rates. In Lao and Cambodia, Gret have successfully engaged consumers through Water User Groups that express the needs of their community, and in turn work with private enterprises to maintain high quality water services. In Vietnam, consumer voice can increasingly be heard through surveys such as the Citizen’s Score Card (CSC) implemented by the Youth Union. In time, this CSC will trigger discussion and sharing of successful strategies for sustaining water services between provinces.

Government, NGOs and donors are all facing the same challenges in Vietnam at this critical time. We need to collaborate and discuss necessary policy changes, tools, finance and approaches for the next few years. We sincerely hope you can join us in this important discussion.

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