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The regular meeting of Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Working Group was held on 24 April at VUFO-NGO Resource Centre Trung Tu Diplomatic Compound, Building E3 6 Dang Van Ngu, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam. 


1. Update from member on WASH activity and future direction of members organization in the next 3 years. 

2. Presentation from Mr. Duong Nguyen - Habitat Viet Nam on supporting model on WASH

2. Discussion on WASH WG 's workplan 2018, develop the matrix on WASH




Meeting on WASH emergency working group development was held by UNICEF on 11 April 2018.


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On 6 March 2018 in Hanoi, NCERWASS in collaboration with WB organized a workshop to discuss about Rural WSS Sector Information System: Proposal of revised set of Indicators and finalize the RWSS monitoring and evaluation indicators.

The M&E for rural water supply and sanitation on the development of the indicator framework are useful for the RWSS sector As the New Rural Development NTP (NRD) is still developing its M&E system, RWSS indicators could be useful in feeding into the NRD M&E formulation process. In this regard, the WB team has reviewed the indicators used under NTP3, PforR, NRD and other good international practices with the view of having a set of indicators that are useful for RWSS sector reporting, NRD reporting and at the same time contributing to the global information/data. This is a challenging exercise in deciding what to drop and what to keep and how each indicator can be worded without too much affecting the sectoral indicators that are already in place.

The indicators are grouped into 5 categories: (i). water supply service delivery, (ii).  Sanitation service, (iii). Institutions – Schools and health centers, (iv). Sustainability of water schemes, and (v). Commune-wide sanitation sustainability. 

The indicators will be further consulted in other meetings.



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On 28/2/2018 in Hanoi, NGO WATSAN Group meeting was organized to discuss on the Group operation during 2018-2019 and nomination of the new chairman Mr. Ngo Quoc Dung, representative of Church World Service to replace Mr. Nguyen Quy Hoa, the former Group chairman. The group agreed to meet on quarter-basis.

The upcoming meeting is planned to be held by 2nd quarter of the year to update and share pgrogress on WASH activities by related stakeholders, NGO members such as UNICEF, NUSA, NCERWASS, experienced experts ... CAWST Canada, ESSI, UNILEVER... The meeting topics will be planned for different meetings in the year including PPP, private sector involvement, water treatment in natural disasters, M&E softwares, WASH promotion at community level... studytours, training oppotunities by CAWST, ESSI experts. The New Rural Development Program (NTP) and WB scaling up sanitation project would be contacted and invited to participate in the Group meeting for sharing information and lessons learnt to support the sector achieving Sustainable Development 6 on sanitation. 



On 27/12/2017 with support from UNICEF, NCERWASS organized the

Planning workshop on emergency support for water and sanitation in 2017-2018 for recovery from Damrey storm.




Participated in the workshop were 67  representatives from NCERWASS, Unicef,  Việt Nam Women union, DARD, DoH, DoET, PCERWASS, CPM, CHIE, CRHC, WU, Red cross and 15 districts/communes from 3 provinces Thừa Thiện Huế, Bình Định và Phú Yên.

At the workshop Unicef shared their support program on emergency support for water and sanitation in 2017-2018 for recovery from Damrey storm for Vietnam and guide planning format on how to implement emergency support activities. Provincial participants discussed, developed and agreed on their provincial plans.


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