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Ministers and leaders from 15 East Asian countries gathered for two days of talks about SANITATION and HYGIENE in the region.Nội dung chi tiết.
Inter-Ministerial meeting to implement RWSS NTP II in 2008. The Water Resources Department (WRD) organized a triple-ministerial meeting (MOH, MOET and MARD) on January 25th, 2008 to review the implementation of the work plan 2007 and discuss the collaboration for implementation of the RWSS NTP II in 2008.Nội dung chi tiết.
On 16/1/2008
The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Partnership (RWSSP) Coordination Unit organized the RWSSP Steering Committee 3rd Meeting on 16th January 2008 (8.00-12.00). 

The 3rd PSC meeting review the implementation of 2007 annual work plan and discussed the Annual Work Plan for 2008 and the operational budget for approval. RWSSP’s partners have their thematic presentations including East Pacific inter-ministerial EASAN conference results and 2008 International year of Sanitation follow-up action plan, update NTP implementation RWSS sector M&E system development and impact of climate change on rural water supply and sanitation. 
Participants at 3rd PSC meeting were PSC members from relevant ministries, partners, donors and invited RWSS related stakeholders.
National workshop on rural water supply and sanitation National Target Program 2006-2010 Need a breakthrough on quality and investment management models


Problems with data reliability and data collection in rural water and sanitation are expected to be reduced with a new monitoring and evaluation system.

As part of the joint donor support to the Vietnamese National Target Programme for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Danida has supported the development of a national unified evaluation and monitoring system for rural water supply and sanitation (M&E system).

The draft system was presented and discussed on a workshop the 22th of November hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Based on previous experiences, the new system provides a framework for all ministries and agencies that collect data about rural water and sanitation, which aims at securing a better basis for decision-making.

This framework has a simple setup with 14 basic indicators for the sector and programme levels. Specific surveys, for examples on gender equality or pro-poor targeting will be carried out periodically to make sure that other qualitative outputs of the programme are met.

“We have designed a simple M & E system, since the most important thing is to have the system workable and be accepted by all the main stake-holders. It can afterwards be expanded and more detailed once data collection has become a routine” said the head of the inter-ministerial working group on the M & E system.

The new M & E system is expected to be piloted in early 2008. The first draft report explaining the system can be seen here



§       Edited December 5, 2007




To discuss on solutions to speed up the NTP II implementation progress to achieve NTPs objectivesNội dung chi tiết.

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